Signature Spa Packages

Head & "Soul" Revitalizer
A refreshing getaway in the middle of your busy week.  Begin with a 50-minute Swedish Massage enhanced by a refreshing 15-minute "Clear the Mind" Cranial Therapy Treatment where essential oils that heal, moisturize and detoxify are gently massaged into your head and scalp area as you drift into a deep state of relaxation.  Finish your break from a stress-filled day by enjoying a wonderful Divine Island Signature Pedicure, then head out to our poolside resort cabanas for a healthy organic lunch.
2.5 hours.... $155
Gentlemen's Sea Escape
Release discomfort and chronic pain due to tension and sore overused muscles.  The 80-minute Hot Stone Massage treatment penetrates and releases tension by warming the body while focusing on key areas.  Accompanied by a mesmerizing Cranial Massage, pressure points are held and long myo-fascial strokes stretch and balance by unwinding and releasing the patterns which cause tension.  Finish with a soothing Gentleman's Manicure and Pedicure.  Stimulating and energizing relief for the entire body.  Choose one of our healthy meals from the Bahama Bar.
3 hours.... $210
Ultimate Koquina Indulgence
To start, our Nourishing Anti-Aging Body Care Scrub gently exfoliates and detoxifies your skin.  Then, following a luxurious, hydrating 50-minute massage, melt into deep relaxation with a pampering neck and face massage.  Moving into an anti-aging facial that nourished then skin with a unique blend of glycolic, citrus and lactic acids that are safe for all skin types.  Along with the facial, an Eye Patch treatment revitalizes and refreshes the eye area.  Finish your treatment with the Koquina Classic Manicure and Pedicure to pamper the hands and feet.  Your ultimate indulgence includes a nutritious lunch from the Bahama Bar.
4 hours.... $285
Bora Bora Duo
Savor the moment and truly enjoy time well-spent together with side-by-side treatments with someone special: a friend, partner, spouse, sister, mother or daughter.  Enjoy an invigorating Express Massage accompanied with the Algae Body Masque in our breathtaking side-by-side treatment room.  While wrapped in the Body Masque, enjoy a scalp massage, encouraging deep relaxation.  Balance your dual treatment with a Hydrolifitng Facial, restoring skin tone and elasticity, leaving the skin soft and hydrated for days.
Package for two.
2.5 hours.... $495